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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elements: The Only 6 Elements of All Marketing Programs « GoMarket.me

Elements: The Only 6 Elements of All Marketing Programs « GoMarket.me: "Elements: The Only 6 Elements of All Marketing Programs

There are basic elements that consist in all Marketing Programs, at the heart of all Marketing efforts. Know that there are whole sciences dedicated to each these elements alone, and that these are simple high-level overviews.

1. Audience: Who is to Hear the Message?

a. The audience can be broad or narrow, but a targeted audience is best. Sometimes it’s an in-house email list, sometimes it’s the audience of a website, or a highway, or a neighborhood. And it can be everything in between. The best Marketing Programs have an audience that has been targeted – that is, selected based on certain criteria. The criteria can be demographic (age, weight, hair color, etc.), geolocated (residence, work location, on-demand location), or behavioral (based on actions an audience member has taken.) etc. There are many ways to target an audience. And remember, there are many paths to the same destination.

2. The Message: What to say and How to Say it.

a. This is where Marketing Communications comes in. There is an art form at best, and conversation at least. It is the who, what, when, where and why.

3. The Deliverables.

a. This is the creative package. It is the email, the text message, the banner ad, the print ad – whatever the campaign is, this is the visual/audio piece intended to carry the message through the channel.
b. This is also known as “the creative.”
c. This is a true art form. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing creative teams. To me, they are essential, balancing the art and the science of the deliverable.

4. The Channel: How to Share the Message with the Audience.

a. Channels are what you may hear of most often. I once spent a 1.5 years focused soley on one channel: email. Other channels include, but are not limited to: search engine marketing, email marketing, advertising (online/banner, video/tv, print/direct mail/mobile), text messages, social media, events, product review, shopping portals, the shoe bins at the airport. . . and the list goes on and on.

5. The Call to Action.

a. The end goal. This is what you are asking the audience to do. This action is also known as “conversion.” When you hear: “Did the campaign convert?” you are being asked “Did the audience take the action you wanted them to?”
b. Common call-to-actions are: “Buy Now,” “Click Here” “Sign Up Now” “Come to Our Event” “Learn More” “Visit Us” “Read On” etc.

6. The Measurement: Was it Successful?

a. Metrics, metrics, metrics, a.k.a. Tracking, a.k.a Numbers. The numbers tell a story. Was the combination of the Message and the Channel motivating enough to take action? Was the Call to Action clear, concise and up front? Was the design of the message and the channel putting enough emphasis on the call to action? Every Marketing Program is measured differently. Every channel has a different industry average metrics.

Notice there is no mention of product. For all intensive purposes, the “product” is rolled into the message and into the call to action. The “product” in a campaign can be anything. Truly. It can be events, papers, hard products, soft products, services.

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