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Thursday, July 29, 2010


So everyone and his (or her) dog seems to be talking about Twitter these days, right?
And while millions of people around the world are tweeting, twitting or twotting – many people still consider the Twitter groupies a bunch of twits.
Today I thought I'd send you 5 reasons why you should stay strong with your twit-mentality and avoid the Twitter bandwagon like the plague.
1) You Don’t Have Time
Your schedule is jam-packed every single day. You’re struggling to just break even with your task list. You barely have time to take a toilet break, let alone build relationships that could open you up into a whole new world of business connections and potential revenue.
2) You Have Enough Money
You’ve got exactly the right amount of money. You don’t want a single dime more. You want your income to stay exactly where it is, no ifs or buts. Any extra revenue to be made from forging  new business partnerships or projects on Twitter would just make you angry.
3) You’ve Got All The Friends You Need
You have got enough friends. They all have their place in your life and you don’t want to interrupt the pattern and add a single other friend to the mix. You don’t want to meet anyone from another country, share a conversation with a multi-millionaire or learn anything new from anyone – you’ll stick to your non-Twit friends, thanks.
4) You Don’t Want The Attention
You’re not interested in getting all the attention. You like being the mysterious underground player and letting the limelight-seekers’ websites receive the exposure. Let ‘em have it, you say, I’m fine with my current customer base. I don’t want anyone else to know about us who doesn’t already have our business card in their filofax.
5) You’re Not Interested In Breaking News
You hate breaking news. You hate having to hear about it before any of the news crews get abreast of it. You hate having to read about it as it’s happening. You like knowing that tomorrow, when its all died down, you will be able to read a brief summary of events from a single journalist in Washington as you eat your cereal.
Don’t worry, I totally understand where you’re coming from.
I mean… what does Guy Kawasaki, the NY Times or Oprah know about business or making money anyway...

{Side note: I sincerely hope you understood the sarcasm of this email and immediately sign up for a Twitter account and follow me at Lucien08}
Talk to you soon ;-)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Digital printer Second hand Market place

Scitex Pressjet II, 6-colour ready packed on pallets from 2006 full printing condition
60.000 euro ex works Europe perfect to add capacity to a current PJ owner

the high production wide format digital press, which promises to meet growing market demands for advanced color quality and multi-application flexibility.

Targeted at the graphic arts market, the Scitex Pressjet II represents a new generation of the Scitex Pressjet. Six-color printing (CMYK with the addition of light cyan and light magenta) make it possible to attain the highest image quality. Printing houses will also benefit from Onyx Postershop RIP, which offers a faster and simpler workaround, and provides new color management options.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Digital printer Second hand Market place

For Sale, ready packed (Printer must go urgently customer need space)

HP Scitex XL jet 1500 Digital printer second hand looking for a new home

Customer in west Europe

XL 1500 5m 8 colours upgraded till last model, and service Coverage since 23/08/2001 .

This info was validate with the EMEA Product support manager in that time.

Thursday, July 15, 2010