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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Technologies: Threat or Opportunity?

On May 16, 2011 by Jennifer Matt on the web and print.
Lets stop sugar coating it, this new platform for communicating is different than radio or TV, its operating on a different economy (digital economy) and it is going to change the print business forever. Embrace it to find the opportunities.

I’ve been hanging out at gatherings of printers lately, why do people insist on commenting about how someone in their family refuses to read books on a Kindle/iPad? Or they rant against the messages in e-mails, “do the right thing for the environment, don’t print this.”
What is this? Are we trying to sooth ourselves into believing that not only is there a whole host of new ways to communicate (other than print) but these methods are operating on a fundamentally different economic system (the digital economy).
I suggest we all start to speak more frankly. What’s the risk? The change will happen whether we embrace it or resist it. The print industry doesn’t have any control over the evolution of technology and networks that are enabling a communication revolution.
I believe resisting the change prevents us from maximizing the opportunities that exist during the transition. Admit it. The business of print is changing rapidly, as my father used to say, “If you’re not growing, you’re going out of business.”
It’s liberating to own up to the changes because it liberates us to make bold moves. Here are a couple suggestions.
  1. Move 50% of your business online by the end of 2012
  2. Launch at least (1) new 100% digital communication product in 2011
  3. Hire at least (1) employee whose focus is marketing (online, social media, blogging, technology sales support).
  4. Write the story of your business (past, present, future) – make sure your website tells that story and continues to update that story (blog) so that customers and prospects can get to know you online.