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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Digital Printing 2009 Beyond the Technology Enablers

Technology Enablers

What you should know before investing in new presses in 2009

When are the projects taking place: end 2008/early 2009

Project Structure & Deliverables
• Research of markets, technologies, economics and buyers; Deskwork plus Interviews
• Written report with executive summary;
• Workshop for participant companies;


2008 was a year of opportunity for digital printing. There is a glut of ‘shallow’ reports in the printing
sector. We shall summarise quantitative market growth forecasts. But there is a gap in the market for
readable, clear, in-depth sales and marketing structure information. Such information will provide a
new perspective, highly-actionable material for participants. When can digital be used from a technical
and economic perspective as of now? What is the ‘psychology’ underpinning the process of change
to digital from analogue? If the technical and economic performance is right, as we’ll determine in the
Total Cost of Ownership / ROI models presented, why won’t people take up digital systems? These
questions though important, are generally left unmentioned, or at least unexplored. Do we understand
the performance, economics and decision-making of digital within the broad context of the entire
business unit, and the interests of individuals in the corporate environment, who are responsible for
changing over to digital? Putting this together may reveal more about why some companies will not make the investment in a printing system. It may take us beyond the technology enablers.

• Potential buyers and users of digital printing systems don’t have enough information and
understanding to know that digital printing may be good for them. Those that do, may be inhibited.
• The report forms the basis of a valuable marketing strategy to suppliers of digital systems. Explain
remaining barriers to adoption of digital printing systems, which will benefit printing system,
printhead and ink suppliers responsible for tactical marketing and selling.
• Write report, an authoritative, independently-produced body of mainly primary market knowledge.
• Take on board issues around organisational and individual behaviour, and management practice.
How do individuals with responsibility for buying and running the printing systems think and act?
Under what conditions do they work?
• We hope that with your early support, this will become the private industry reference on these
source Cambridge Investment Research Ltd

What can we do, to "ride" on this crisis?

I have been asked this question in every meeting since December?

And after looking and talking with other business owner, surfing the Internet i can see one of the answers that seems working:

Never Stop Selling

Another business I know has recently had “the best January ever”. The reason: they suffered a down-turn in business several months ago, went back to basics and came out marketing and selling targeting old and new customers with new propositions (better ways of taking their existing products and services to market in the current climate).

What to do?


Never stop selling

Listen to the people that you speak to – if they are not buying what you are promoting:

What are they considering buying that you already offer?

What might they buy (rent, lease, ….) that you could easily offer?

Refine your targeting – speak to different people

Keep positive

Things to consider


If changing customer requirements take you too far from your comfort zone, look for alliances and other mechanisms to satisfy these opportunities with minimum risk;

Use Segmentation tools (or get someone to do it for you) to better understand your suspect universe;

Additional products with lower costs or new processes;

New, higher value, products / services may be appropriate for some.

A Simple Exercise


List 5 things that are preventing you from winning enough good quality business.

Against each of the 5 items on your list, assign a score from 1 – 10 where 10 is something you can directly control and 1 is something over which you have no control at all.

Now, re-write your list in descending order of assigned scores.

Plan time for each of the top 3 on your new list.

Enjoy the findings and go implement your new success formula.